Our beliefs go back to the teaching of Jesus and the Apostles in the first century. Our only authority is the bible and we have no other basis for our beliefs. 

Our Essential Beliefs


Our Hope

—God has a plan for the world. His purpose is to fill the earth with His glory,     

    and do away with sin and death forever

—The only hope of life after death is through the resurrection of the dead

    and receiving everlasting life in God’s Kingdom on earth

—The way to enter the Kingdom of God is by faith in what God has

    promised in the bible, being baptized and following Jesus example in the

    way we live our lives



—God is the creator and sustainer of the universe

—There is only one God who is in control of the world and all its affairs past,    

    present and future

—The Holy Spirit is the power of God

—God is our Father


Jesus Christ

—Jesus is the Son of God

—By God’s power, Jesus was born of a virgin woman. Her name was Mary


—Jesus was born with a purpose: to reconnect us with God after our sin

    has separated us

—Jesus was killed by men even though he had done nothing wrong. After

    three days in the grave, he rose from the dead


The Bible 

—The whole bible is God’s inspired message to us

—God has moved faithful people to write the bible

—We learn about what God wants from us in the bible

—The bible contains God’s message of salvation and His promises to us



—God asks us to believe in Him and all that He has promised

—Faith is the start of the process that unites us in a relationship with God

—Baptism is being fully immersed in water, a symbolic death and

    resurrection likes Jesus’

—It is an outward expression of an inward conversion; recognizing our sins,

   repenting, and being made new



—Everybody sins and will die as a result

—When we die, we cease to exist

—One day, faithful believers will be raised from the dead


Jesus' Return

—Jesus ascended to heaven after he was raised and is currently in heaven

    at the right hand of God

—Jesus will return to the earth to set up God's Kingdom, filled with justice

    and peace

—Once established, the Kingdom of God will last forever 


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What We Believe In

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