Bible Class

Most Sundays we have a Bible Class. This usually takes the form of a study class, sometimes with audio visual aids and always lively discussion led by members who are gifted in teaching and devote their time to studying God’s Word. The classes have a topic which usually runs over the course of a few weeks. The point of the class is to read the bible and understand its message while applying it to our lives today. Everyone is free to join in, comment or ask a question. Look at our calendar to see topics for the coming month. 

Afterwards we usually take a small break before the Memorial Service. This gives us a chance to meet visitors, chat with each other and find out what’s happening in each other’s lives.

Memorial Meeting


On a Sunday morning we meet together to remember God’s work of salvation and Jesus' life, death and resurrection. This is a communion service where we share bread and wine as symbols of Jesus' sacrifice. This service normally runs for 1.5 hours and our group is about 20 people. It’s the main meeting of our church, and is a time for meditation, reflection and rededicating our lives to God. We are individuals and wear clothing we feel is appropriate for the service and approaching God – this ranges from casual clothing to suits and ties. Together we sing hymns, pray, read the bible and hear words of encouragement from one of the members. The focal point of this meeting is the “Breaking of Bread”, a simple practice established by Jesus as a remembrance of his life, death and resurrection. Those who share the bread and wine as it is passed around have committed their lives to Jesus, been baptized and share the same beliefs. 


We look forward to seeing you. If you’d like more information about visiting or about the Bible in general please contact us

What To Expect